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One side effect of using titles on "micro" posts

Blog posts with a title are not displayed in full on the micro.blog feed. Micro.blog will only show the title and a link to the post.

I love the interaction that takes place on Micro.blog and worry that if only links to my short posts show there, people won’t bother to click through and the conversations won’t happen. And, if they do click through, it won’t be worth it just for a 240-character snippet I just fired off without much thought. I don’t want to waste people’s time that way.

On the other hand, looking at my blog from more than a decade ago reminded me that I like titles. Even on short posts. This means that I can either blog the way I want to blog and potentially miss out on some fun discussions. Or, I can twist things so that they are rendered more optimally on micro.blog.

I’ve decided I should just blog how I want to blog. Micro.blog is awesome (I love you all), but it’s better as an adjunct to my blog and not the other way around.

Hope that’s ok.