20. In regard to the vignette where one of us fellas goes to a movie alone, sees a yellow-clad woman seated in the same row, and the yellow-clad woman says “come sit next to me you fine fellow” and then a move is prescribed to be busted, what should I take for the headache accrued from trying to absorb your weirdo nonsense word pile? 21. Seeing as the move busted at the theater is not a dance move, as was the case earlier, but rather making out (…?), how are we to know what sort of move is to be busted in any given scenario and perhaps you should purchase a thesaurus? 22. Is your chorus saying that if I want something, I can get that thing by move-busting?

Source: Fifty-Six Questions for Young MC Upon Hearing “Bust a Move” for the First Time in Twenty-Two Years - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency