It’s no secret that one of my pastimes is tinkering with blogging/publishing tools. This, unfortunately, brings with it an inconsistency with the places I publish. It’s not my intention to accidentally spam people’s RSS readers when something changes. Or have things go missing for no apparent reason. For the few who actually want to follow along, things can be a bit unstable.

I know me, and I know that the likelihood that I’ll find the One True Place™ to write approaches zero.

But, (there’s a “but”), what I have done is to take a small step in that direction. I no longer have a separate microblog. I’ve rolled the “micro” posts into my primary blog at (you’re soaking in it.)

To make things even easier, after thinking about it, I decided to move into a site as well. had been managed by I love Blot, but as easy as Blot is, it’s not as easy or nearby as I usually have a tab with open, and the “New Post” button is right there! This is perfect for short posts. For longer posts, there’s MarsEdit. MarsEdit supports and is comfort food software for me, so this is great.

This means I no longer have a separate microblog. It’s all at I worry about combining things like this, but I honestly don’t think anyone cares.

Besides, I still have for photography-related topics and there’s always for every other random thought that pops into my head.

It’s a start.