I don't want another blog

I don't want another blog

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I don't want another blog, but I seem have one anyway. Or, more accurately, I've re-purchased the baty.blog domain and am using that with my old Tinderbox-managed blog. It's not technically a new blog, then. It's an old blog that has been resurrected. I have no idea if it'll stay, or why I'm doing it, so you might not want to get comfortable.

I will say that the way I've built this using Tinderbox is exactly how I want my blog to work. I get individual posts, grouped by day. Each post can display a title, or not. It can have a "featured image", or not. It can be crossposted via RSS, or not (this post is, for example). I have attributes for the current weather, Topics, etc.

Plus, it's fun! I don't feel I need to make excuses for having fun :).

Jack Baty @jack