I keep this photo around as a reminder that I used to be cooler.

Listening to Swans' “The Seer” makes my stomach hurt but it’s so good that I don’t care. #NowPlaying

Calm technology

I’ve been using Logseq regularly for a while. Love it. But now with more VC money, they’re saying things like “Accelerate Growth of the New World Knowledge Graph” and it makes me nervous. Settle down, Logseq, you’re a note-taking app.

How mechanical watches work. Riveting! (via Gruber)

Judas Priest - “Rocka Rolla”. It’s an odd record that I’ve come to enjoy more over time. #NowPlaying

Men make these laws…and they also don’t know where a girl pees from

– Patricia Lockwood, “No One is Talking About This”

I was in a foul mood this morning so I spent an hour making prints in the darkroom and now I feel much better. That never happens with Lightroom.

I miss DVD special features, especially audio commentaries.

After fixing a slow leak in my car’s tire, the shop told me it was caused by a bone fragment. There’s a short story in there somewhere.

I don’t have data to support it, but I’d wager that the computer I spent the most time on ever was the Macintosh IIci. It might be my all-time favorite.

New workstation.

(in 2005)

1964 Hermes 3000. It’s not a light typer, but it feels good because it’s so solid.

Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny #NowPlaying

I’d probably be invited to more parties if I had this Spinnerette Turntable from Third Man Records.

Pulled the Hermes 3000 out of storage but it had a dead ribbon. Surprisingly, I had a new ribbon on hand.

I’m replacing Instagram with Glass as my social media photo sharing link. What I lose in “reach” I’ll more than make up for in “doesn’t suck the life out of me and is actually beautiful and very pleasant”.

I’ve been testing the Orion browser and it’s quite nice. One side effect is that I haven’t gotten the Tweaks for Twitter extension working and it reminded me why I’ve been able to stomach Twitter recently. Without Tweaks, Twitter is kind of a nightmare.

I should never have sold any of my film cameras.

I just looked up my EagleFiler serial number in DEVONthink because ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I noticed that all this was within arm’s reach and I think I’m on the right track.

Say hello to Glass on the Web. Well hello! 👋. A web UI makes Glass much more interesting for me. I’m jbaty there. glass.photo/jbaty

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, but early indicators suggest that I have successfully replaced a cracked screen on the iPhone XR.

Instagram can sometimes make people feel inferior, but I just finished Isaacson’s biography of Leonardo da Vinci so yeah.

Carla Bruni: Little French Songs