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This is very much how I’m feeling lately.

Camera and notebooks on bookshelves.

A little about my Evernote 2023 experiment: baty.net/2023/ever…

Chompy & the Girls, 2021 - ★★★

I swallowed it whole.

Dio: Dreamers Never Die, 2022 - ★★★★

As a ginormous Dio fan since, I don't know, 1980 or so, what's not to love here.

Decision to Leave, 2022 - ★★★½

I would like to revisit this.

Apple Notes keeps launching itself on my MBP without my permission. I can’t make it stop so now I probably need to switch to Linux.

Guess which one even I can’t believe I’m using again.

Screenshot of macOS "command-tab" switcher

Last night I dreamt that I was giving a presentation in a large auditorium. I was editing a simple web page by hand and every time I refreshed the page the crowd would go "Ooooh!" in amazement as I continued typing furiously with my HTML-stained hands.

Tinderbox as a blogging platform

Tinderbox as a blogging platform

I'm pretty good at using Tinderbox, so I made this blog with it. I've used Tinderbox since the mid-2000s for all kinds of things and it's one of the deepest, smartest, most flexible apps I know. Tinderbox's export features are powerful, but can be hard to understand at first. I still get tripped up by the way exports work, but I've done it. It's "finished", so now I can just get down to writing. This blog does nearly everything I want and it looks good to my eyes. It handles title-less posts well, and the RSS feed is flexible. I've got images working the way I like and it's nice working in an outliner. I'm all set then, right?

Not really. I have been trying to limit the number of apps I use. Or at least the number of apps that I need to really understand in order to get enough value from. So should I really be using Tinderbox this way? It's complex and does things in a unique way that doesn't translate to anything else. It's both liberating and constraining.

For managing a static blog, Hugo makes much more sense. It's made for blogging. I understand enough about how Hugo works and have a lot of experience with it. I have another blog, similar to this one, at daily.baty.net. It's made with Hugo and it's also "finished". I can just fire up my editor and start posting. It works, and it works best with Emacs, the editor I'm using for nearly everything else. Plus, Hugo isn't really an "app". Once a theme is in place and configured, there's nothing else to do. I don't use Hugo the same way I use Tinderbox.

I think what I'll do is test the idea of recreating the look and behavior of this blog in Hugo. If I can get close, it would make more sense to switch to using Hugo. If not, Tinderbox it is.

All I wanted to do was watch media and not exist.

–Martha Wells, “Fugitive Telemetry”

I know just how you feel, Murderbot.

Someone should remind the UI folks that they’re check boxes not check balls

I made my first photogram in the darkroom today. This is an 8x10 print using a drinking glass. Neat!

The thing that most improved my enjoyment of shooting/developing/printing film was to stop worrying about the details. The less fussy I am, the more fun I have.

If I were to post every passing thought here on Micro.blog rather than on baty.blog as I do now, I worry that: A) I’d bore everyone to tears with all the noise, and B) I would turn those who remain off completely. I’m not convinced consolidation makes sense.

I have yet to muster any interest in AI-generated artwork. "Prompt writing" is the most useless and least creative form of "creativity" I can imagine.

Emily the Criminal, 2022 - ★★★

The more I see Aubrey Plaza, the less I understand her. And therefore the more I like her. This was a tense, straightforward thriller and I enjoyed it.

Our obsession with being informed makes it hard to think long-term. We spend hours consuming news because we want to be informed. The problem is, the news doesn’t make us informed – quite the opposite. The more news we consume, the more misinformed we become.

Farnam Street, Stop Reading the News

My wife needed a new passport photo so I took advantage of the rare opportunity of her posing to snap a few extras.

20230113 FXT50482 2048

I’m impossible and will never stop changing my mind. baty.net/2023/my-p…

I took the same route on my walk yesterday, but brought a digital camera instead. It’s not the same: baty.net/2023/tryi…

I hesitate

I happily blurt out whatever I'm thinking about here. Over on Micro.blog, however, I hesitate. Knowing that everything I post ends up in some number of people's feeds prevents me from posting freely. If I'm going to hesitate like that, do I even want a separate microblog? I fleshed this out a bit more in My posts…what goes where?

Bodies Bodies Bodies, 2022 - ★★½

Everyone please stop talking.

Nope, 2022 - ★★★½

More like Nah.

A darn good record.

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