Surprised by how frustrating it is to tap the screen of my MBP and find that nothing happens but a smudgy fingerprint.

Two reasons. First, it should be harder to lose. Second, I can tell at a glance and by feel which way is up. Makes a terrible remote better.

Going all-in for microblogging/syndication. Also, as a vote of confidence, I’m using instead of a custom domain.

Incompatible threads: 1. App Store pricing is an unsustainable race to the bottom 2. Subscription pricing shouldn’t increase an app’s price

I have been manually adding photos to Google Photos. Decided to enable “sync” and now of course I have 12,000 duplicates.

Giving Things 3 an honest go and today was the first I’ve hit it hard on the iPad. No keyboard shortcuts? Maybe not a dealbreaker but still!

Today I snapped a few photos with the little Fuji X100T. My iMac is out for repair so I plugged in a Lightning->SD reader and imported directly to Photos on my iPad and edited them there. First time for everything. Wasn’t too bad except why can’t I add Titles, etc?

There’s a German Shepherd service dog in the Apple Store and not petting him is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Something I never thought would happen: Preferring the iPad to the MBP. Will the effect wear off? What if it doesn’t? 😳

All I want is a way to get an email into Things on iOS with a link back to the original message that works on both platforms.