Just dropped the X-Pro2 from waist high onto concrete. No visible or functional damage as far as I can tell. Whew!

I’ve been running the High Sierra GM on the iMac without too much grief. Thinking of installing it on the MBP tonight because I don’t feel like waiting a whole week :).

I just clicked “Install” on the High Sierra GM build on my iMac. I’m almost certainly going to regret it.

@manton Have you ever considered a post form right here? I think it would be nice to see the context and previous posts when writing a new one.

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Thinking about shooting more color film. Scanning is a bitch and I can’t make darkroom prints but it’s still (mostly) fun.

Josie (2017). Nikon F3. Portra 400. Self-processed.

Josie  1

The RSS feed from my 1999.io experiment isn’t being pulled into micro.blog and I don’t feel like messing with it. If I weren’t so stubborn or easily bored I’d just go back to friggin’ Wordpress with all this and be done with it.

I’ve removed Twitter cross-posting from all of my configured Micro.blog feeds. Feeling like not everything I type everywhere needs to be automatically syndicated.