Allow me to vent for a moment… Managing AWS accounts and services is a clusterf*ck of permissions and a nightmare of complexity. They have thousands of pages of detailed documentation, nearly all of which I find useless. I’m a decade in and I still find it incomprehensible.

My brother in law made this cool marble pen holder for me. Even included felt inside the bottom to prevent scratches or wear. Fun!

This a/v setup from early 2000s actually worked pretty well. Or at least it worked (Says the guy who’s Plex server isn’t working today).

Podcasts release schedules should be based on when people feel they have something interesting to say and not a calendar. It’s ok to skip a week. Or two.

Bijan Sabet:

Yes, your users are smart. But they want to be delighted. Too many features can feel noisy. It’s like the app is screaming at you or suffering from an identify crisis.

I don’t want to be delighted, I just want to get my work done. This infatuation with “delight” is a distraction and I’m fine with “noisy” apps. In fact I prefer them in many cases. Unless I’m playing a game, I suppose, then please do delight me.

Your search "Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard" did not match any products.

C’mon Amazon, get with the program.

George Saunders’ ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’: Audiobook Cast:

When it came time to record Lincoln in the Bardo, author George Saunders assembled a staggering 166 narrators— including Julianne Moore, David Sedaris, Saunders’ childhood pals, and even his agent.

I’m nearly half through the “real” version of “Lincoln in the Bardo”. If I’d have known about the audiobook I may have opted for that instead. Sounds fun.

“Most people enjoy the sight of their own handwriting as they enjoy the smell of their own farts.” – W.H. Auden