I hadn’t considered adding my Letterboxd RSS feed to Micro.blog until I saw that @bitdepth was doing it. Copied!

My RSS feed was only showing .Summary content, counter to the @GoHugoIO docs. Overrode the internal template so full articles are included.

Replaced Google Analytics with self-hosted Piwik. That feels better. I like to pretend stats don’t matter but I can’t help wanting to know.

A drawback of the welcome new end-to-end encryption feature of Day One is that I can no longer include those journals in any IFTTT recipes

Every time I update Spacemacs many of the keybindings change. I see what they’re getting at, but it’s driving me nuts.

I have a 9.7” iPad which seems too small and a 12.9” iPad which is way too big. Could 10.5” be just right?

At some point over the past few years I’ve grown content with skipping keynotes and just reading a summary or two the following day instead.