Haven’t used Evernote in a very long time. I think the timing coincides exactly with the release of DEVONthink To Go 2.

Another thing I don’t need is an unsolicited, mocked up “redesign” of anything by someone completely uninvolved with the actual product.

Does my hosted micro.blog still work? It would be great if it did, as I’m considering splitting microblog posts from my main blog (again). Waffler!

@manton Should my posts to jack.micro.blog be fed into micro.blog/jack automatically or do I need to add the RSS manually? I thought it used to be automatic but it’s not working currently.

I am unable to decide whether to post at a hosted micro.blog with a custom domain or keep using my Wordpress microblog setup. Tough call. I like bits of both. Maybe I’ll just use both for a while and see where it all lands.

Had to change my Keyboard Maestro shortcuts from function keys to chords because the Touch Bar is a horrible excuse for an input device.

Finished a giant bottle of Founders’ “Lizard of Koz” and it made me happy. It’s my favorite beer at the moment but at 10.5% one should not drink a whole bottle.

Mastodon is cool and I love the ideas behind it, but it’s just so…I don’t know…busy. Micro.blog feels spacious, light, and calm somehow. I am preferring the latter.

Experimenting today with using Hashbackup (http://www.hashbackup.com/) with Backblaze B2 storage as the backend for a couple of servers. Promising so far.

Working on my road rage. I’m a pretty mild-mannered fella but while driving I get unreasonably angry at other drivers. Pretending every other driver on the road is a close friend or family member helps a little.

I just changed my username on Micro.blog from @jackbaty to @jack. That’s going to break things but since it’s early it should be ok.

As I was typing this complaint about having to deal with charging too many things, the batteries in my trackpad died. hahahahaha…cry.

I’m looking forward to the ability to “follow” other micro blogs here. So far my timeline consists only of posts by me and I still disagree with half of what’s written here.

Let’s try testing this from MarsEdit shall we? This is me posting on a new platform from one of the oldest and best-loved tools on my Mac.

I think it’s best to disable cross-posting to Twitter for now. At least while I work through the process here. No one on Twitter wants an onslaught of navel-gazing about an entirely different platform.

I’ve been using Mastodon as a sort of micro blog but prefer something like Micro.blog, which I’m using to post this. Encouraging!