If, hypothetically of course, you wanted to reboot your online presence and you had the choice of two domains, the eponymous but boring “baty.net” or the more fun but less personal “copingmechanism.com”, which would you choose?

Asking for a friend.

I thought about trying Superhuman again but had canceled my account so couldn’t log in. Restarted the signup process. Took the survey and got to the part where I’m forced to schedule an onboarding meeting and nope. Been there. Thought it was silly the first time. Still do.

Everyone wants their tools to make life easier, but almost no one wants to work at it. On the other hand, some of us work so hard at it that we make everything harder.

“Diamond Life” never gets old. It still makes me stop what I’m doing and listen every time.

I contain multitudes. I just don’t like most of them.

When will I learn that just because an album gets a high score on Metacritic doesn’t mean I’m going to enjoy it? Also, what are people thinking?

This is the first frame I exposed with the new Wista 45.

Place the camera just so. Meter the scene. Load the film. Carefully set focus. Remove the dark slide.

Then forget to turn on the flash.

Not an auspicious beginning.

Mike Johnston:

A photo on Instagram just creates this nagging itch in my brain—I’m looking at it, while at the same time I’m wishing I could see it.


I’m really going to have to find a better subject if I’m going to keep doing this. Still, it’s a lot of fun.

Crown Graphic 4x5. Provia 100 in Cinestill E-6. Tray processed. Digital camera scan.

Processed transparency film (E-6) for the first time. Temp was too low so it came out dark but I’m excited that I got an image! This is Provia 100 (expired 2014). There’s nothing like a 4x5 transparency on a light table.

I’m testing the “Skier Sunray Copy Box III” for digitally scanning film. I have holders for 35mm, 120, and 4x5. The light is very bright, which is great. Tried a few quick 35mm scans and I think this will work as well as the Negative Supply stuff, at about ¼ the cost.

The new iPod Classic is here! 256GB Flash storage. Corded headphones, a clickwheel, and an honest-to-goodness headphone jack. Just music! (It’s the fault of this article in GQ)

Sometimes I sit on the couch and fiddle with a film camera while watching movies. Why not snap a few shots of the TV screen while I’m at it? These are from Blow-Up (1966).

TheBrain version 12 implements Roam-like backlinks and mentions and it’s pretty great. www.baty.net/2020/theb…

Oh no! The new v12 (beta) of TheBrain implemented backlinking, mentions, and completely redesigned the note area, in a good way! The biggest reason I stopped living in TheBrain was because Roam introduced a proper form of backlinking. NOW WHAT!? :)

I’d intended to type “Editor agnostic” but unintentionally wrote “Editor obnoxious” which is accurate.

With Emacs, I feel like I’m in a long-term, intimate relationship with my editor. A toxic, unproductive, emotionally taxing relationship.

Playing Joanna Newsom a little too loud on good speakers does wonderful things with her playful music and unusual voice.

A question from @jeremycherfas reminded me of our “CD Wall” in the lobby of the old Fusionary office (2010). I also love the Wired and Communication Arts magazines on the side table.

Every time I bring the iPad to bed I immediately find some cool thing that only works on a Mac. Tonight, it was xwmx/nb: CLI plain-text note-taking. I’m now back upstairs with the correct computing device so I can have a look.

Self-portrait at my usual perch for #adayinthelife. 6:30pm Grand Rapids, MI USA.

Shot on 4x5 with the Crown Graphic. Needed an exposure of 1.5 seconds, which was too long for the dog to manage, so we only get a suggestion of her.

I’ve gotta find a new subject, but since I’m only testing the color processing part I suppose this one will do.

I picked up some expired Provia transparency 4x5 film like five years ago and it’s even more expired now. It’s just going to waste in the freezer, so I might as well shoot it. It’ll be my first time processing E-6.

Both the camera and lens have arrived, which is great, but I neglected to think about lens boards, so there’ll be no shooting with this stuff until the board I just ordered arrives next week. Darn.

Just when I thought I was done with Lightroom www.baty.net/2020/had-…