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I’m moving my blogging to a new domain: baty.blog

I wanted to change the way I handle my blog but I didn’t want to burn down 17 years of baty.net history to do it.

I could have used a subdomain of baty.net, but I love blogs and the .blog TLD nicely promotes the idea that blogs are still a thing.

So baty.blog it is.

Posts here will be pretty much the same as always. I’m planning to include more microblog-type posts and send everything to micro.blog for distribution.

There is no grand design here, I was just getting bored lugging around 17 years of posts. I’m using Wordpress, which makes everything easy. My infatuation with static blogging tools remains, but my patience with them hasn’t. I just want to type some words and click “Publish”.

baty.net remains as-is for now. It’s nothing but static HTML so it’ll just sit there nicely, forever I hope.